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PanelTEK – Ignition 8.1 CORE Certified

Inductive Automation Ignition 8.1 CORE certified integrator

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PanelTEK is now an Inductive Automation Ignition 8.1 CORE certified integrator in design, implementation, and troubleshooting.

Ignition is a robust, next-generation software platform for creating custom human machine interface (HMI) applications, supervisory control and data acquisition applications (SCADA), MES applications, database applications, and more.

2022 update: PanelTEK is now an Ignition Gold Certified Integrator.

Benefits of working with an Ignition Certified Integrator

The Ignition 8.1 CORE Training and Certification process provided invaluable insights and hands-on learning opportunities for our engineers to develop and apply key skills in real-world projects.

Ignition is a powerful software platform, highly flexible, and capable of scaling up to your largest projects. The ability to communicate with PLCs, databases, OPC servers and QTT brokers, web services and more make Ignition’s data access reach almost infinite.

With Ignition being server-based, any change to your project (process) is automatically sent to the Ignition gateway, which then updates all of your running applications instantaneously.

Contact PanelTEK today to discuss how Ignition’s configurability and versatility can benefit your application and help solve your manufacturing challenges.