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Hazardous area control panels (aka explosion proof panels, flame proof panels) are designed and manufactured for use in environments that have an elevated risk of explosion. Examples include pharmaceutical manufacturing, wastewater treatment, environmental emissions technology and other industrial applications involving high concentrations of combustible/flammable gases, vapors, liquids particles, fibers or flyings.

All control panels and enclosures intended for use in a hazardous environment are manufactured adhering to UL & C-UL standards which encompass:

  • Classifications of hazardous areas
  • Types of explosive material
  • Likelihood of explosive material presence
  • Temperature classifications
  • Protection techniques for electrical & non-electrical components
  • Division and zone system markings

Industrial control panels designed for use in hazardous areas are required to have clear labeling and marking to define the environments they can and cannot be used in. PanelTEK performs all required labeling or engraving for certification, as well as any instructions, warnings or graphics your project calls for.

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Hazardous Area Classification

hazardous area control panel

HazLoc panels are rated to a specific application and operating environment. Images may not be representative of all HazLoc panels.

Before a hazardous location panel can be built, you need an area rating for its intended environment (this rating is commonly performed by liability insurance companies). The traditional classification system used in North America is the Division system, though the Zone system is a common alternate.

In the USA, the hazardous area classification system is defined by NFPA 70 NEC which uses the Division system. Area classifications are established by Class, Division, and Group, which collectively describe a set of specific hazardous conditions:

  • Class (1- 3): Type of explosive/combustible substance (gas, dust, or fibers/flyings)
  • Division (1-2): Likelihood of hazardous substance being present in a combustible concentration
  • Group (A-G): Cluster of gases/vapors based on physical properties (ex: combustible metal dust vs chemical dust)

PanelTEK engineers design custom industrial control panels certified for use in:

  • Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C & D (with Type X or Y Purging System)
  • Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C & D (with Explosion Proof Enclosure)
  • Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D (with Type Z Purging System)
  • Class 1, Division 2, Groups B, C & D (with Explosion Proof Enclosure)

This includes hazardous location NNNY, NNY7, NRBX & NNNY7 certifications.

Designing Control Panels for Hazardous Areas

Class 1 Division 2 hazardous environment control panel with NEMA 4x enclosure

HazLoc panels are rated to a specific application and operating environment. Images may not be representative of all HazLoc panels.

PanelTEK designs and manufactures custom hazardous location panels for the unique needs of each project.

Our expertise includes:

Explosion proof enclosures are heavy and robust, built to contain an explosion in environments where ignitable gases and/or particles are in the atmosphere. Explosion proof enclosures also maintain a specific temperature inside and protect the control panel in case of fire or explosion elsewhere in the environment.

Purge panels have a pressurized system that “purges” the interior of the enclosure by maintaining a positive pressure and tight seal. This prevents outside gases from entering, protecting the internal components from threat of ignition. An X, Y or Z purge system may be used, depending on the hazardous area classification.

NEMA 4X enclosures protect control panels against corrosive or exterior environments. This could include food and beverage processing plants (where strong disinfectants are used) as well as industries involving corrosive chemicals like petroleum or caustic dyes. NEMA 4X panels are also protected against rain, ice, snow, dust and hose-directed water.

Benefits of Partnering with a Self-Certified Panel Builder

PanelTEK is a self-certified UL panel shop. Our self-certification was earned through volume of control panel manufacturing with verified quality and compliance to UL standards. PanelTEK has also been accredited by UL for self-certification of hazardous location control panels.

Our status as a self-certifying manufacturer of hazardous location panels gives our customers peace of mind knowing their control panels are in compliance. It also lets them bypass the extra cost, time, and logistical burden of third-party certification after the panels are built.

Safe & Reliable Custom-Built Control Panels

Whether hazardous environment certification is called for or not, all PanelTEK control panels are built to industry best practices, assembled, tested and certified in our own 30,000 SF facility. We can design a control panel and enclosure that will operate safely in your specific environment and application.

Contact us with questions or to get your project started. At the end of the day, “Experience is the PanelTEK Difference.”