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Industrial Automation Control / Paper & Converting System Integration

Proven Process Control Improvements for Paper & Converting Manufacturers

PanelTEK offers custom electrical panels, system integration and control upgrades for clients in the paper and conversion industries. We work with leading OEMs of paper and converting equipment, as well as paper and converting manufacturers nationwide.

Technology and automated processes are always evolving. Continuous improvement using the latest industrial automation and control technology helps companies in the paper industry stay competitive and meet the changing demands of the market. We can upgrade your system integration to improve speed and quality, avoid downtime, and reduce scrap.

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Electrical Control Panels for Paper & Converting Equipment OEMselectrical panel testing before conversion industry system integration

Working with PanelTEK lets our OEM clients focus on their core strength: designing and building paper machines and converting production machines. We’re typically able to manufacture better process control systems for their machines more quickly and cost-effectively. We also work with OEMs to design or upgrade their machine controls.

PanelTEK’s diverse industry experience keeps our teams up-to-date on evolving control panel manufacturing practices as well as the unique requirements for programming and automation. We know the hardware and componentry for paper and converting machinery inside and out.

Partnering with a dedicated panel builder means our OEM clients can dedicate more resources to their equipment production runs. And our job’s not done when the panels are delivered. We can also work with your clients to integrate the converting equipment into their production process.

Perfect Your Paper & Converting Process Controls

Paper and converting manufacturers require sophisticated controls to optimize production speeds and meet quality demands from end users. We work with paper and converting producers to optimize their process control systems. Our design, assembly, certification (if needed), HMI programming, and start-up services are customizable to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

We work with paper and converting manufacturers on control system integration, utilizing various control platforms, including PLCs, HMIs, PCs, and Drives. Our engineers work with Ignition SCADA Software for supervision and data acquisition.

Examples of panel build & engineering projects we’ve worked on include:

Outdated control technology can lead to production slowdowns, bottlenecks and web handling defects. Optimizing your papermaking process control system can resolve inefficiencies throughout the entire process. PanelTEK helps paper manufacturers maximize uptime and system reliability while maintaining environmental compliance with the EPA and local regulatory requirements.

Choose PanelTEK to Upgrade Your System Integration & Components

PanelTEK has proven paper and conversion industry experience to understand your specific challenges and needs. We understand the importance of completing system integration projects while facilities still need to produce quality product at timely rates, safely.

Leverage our expertise in electrical design, engineering, and assembly to achieve system integration with the improvements and accuracy you’re looking for. We provide quick turnaround on quotation submissions and give you options to provide cost savings while adhering to industry best practices.

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