PanelTEK designs industrial automation control for OEM equipment

OEMs Depend on PanelTEK for Industrial Control Panels

We work with OEMs for a variety of reasons. Typically, we can manufacture the process control system for their manufactured machines faster, better and at a better price. Many of our clients recognize that their core strength is designing and building the equipment they manufacture, not building the electrical control panel that runs the process associated with those machines.

You Want Quality Electrical Control Panels

Our diverse industry experience keeps us up-to-date on evolving manufacturing practices and process. We know the unique requirements for programming and automation and we know—inside and out—the hardware and componentry within a variety of applications. When you’re on a deadline for a large production run, you don’t have time for issues with your PLC control panel or HMI programming component. We design, build and program control panels from the ground up and partner with the best programmers in the business, including Siemens and Schneider to deliver quality panels every time.

You Don’t Want to Be in the Process Control System Industry

Maybe your volume of control panels doesn’t warrant dedicated resources to be your own electrical control panel manufacturer. Or maybe the training and documenting take up too much of your valuable time. Our job with industrial automation controls doesn’t end with the production and delivery of our panels. We’ll work with your clients to integrate their machines into their overall production process for their product. This process could involve feeding raw materials into machines, winding, cutting final products, packaging, and palletizing.

Partner with PanelTEK and Focus on What You Do Best

Make your equipment or machine more valuable to your customer by putting your time, energy, and money into your product. Call us today to see how we can add value to your manufactured machinery.