CNC control panel manufacturers

Engineering Roots in the Machine Tool Market

Industrial Automation Control / Machine Tool Control Panels

PanelTEK got its control panel design start with a world leader in the machine tool market. We built their industrial controls, operation stations—both local and remote—and their cable assemblies. Via this strategic alliance, PanelTEK has established a level of expertise for cutting-edge design and builds as an electrical control panel manufacturer in this dynamic, competitive machine tool industry.

We build control panels for diverse and unique CNC machine tool applications. We can also provide (or assist with) design, assembly, certification, programming and testing of your controls.

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Benefits of our CNC Control Panel Manufacturing Process

As a dedicated outsource partner for a large-scale machine-tool equipment manufacturer, PanelTEK has uncommon expertise in CNC operation control panels.

Our clients benefit from our dedication to:

We’ve earned a reputation for fine craftsmanship, on-time delivery and attention to detail. We take a consultative approach to learn what your needs are, and how we can best leverage our experience and perspective to meet your needs.

CNC Machine PLC Controls & Programming

As machines become faster and smarter, they require a user-friendly operational interface. We use the latest PLC, PC, Drive, and HMI platforms to keep up with the never-ending technological advances in the machine tool industry. Even small-scale industries are leaning away from manually controlled machines and are utilizing CNC machines.

You need an expert in the evolving machine tool market. PanelTEK has decades of experience configuring and programming with Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider Electric and more. We can provide reconfiguration of standard control platforms, custom integrations and data acquisitions. Our engineers will work with you to develop the programming and software you need for your specific application.

Building & Improving CNC Control Systems

As an end-user, are you looking to increase efficiency, productivity, and profits?

PanelTEK can help with:

Working with CNC OEMs, PanelTEK is ISO 9000 compliant, and a HazLoc and UL 508A listed panel shop. We can assist with or provide design, assembly, certification, programming, testing of your controls.

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