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General Industrial Integration Is One of Our Strengths

Industrial Automation Control / Industrial System Integrators

With ever-changing technological advances, acquisitions, global manufacturing operations, and various suppliers, it’s not uncommon for manufacturing companies to find themselves with numerous subsystems. At PanelTEK, as system integrators, we help manufacturing companies streamline their processes by bringing together old component systems using new control panel designs.

How You Benefit From System Integration

Rather than performing repetitive manual actions across different subsystems and incurring the cost of maintaining different systems, you allow different programs to work together. By upgrading or replacing your process control system you can save time, lower costs, and boost productivity.

How PanelTEK Engineers Can Help

Our engineers can provide all the services you need for successful system integration, including:

  • Design and layout drawings
  • Schematics in AutoCAD Electrical
  • PLC Programming
  • Project management
  • Installation/Start-up

We partner with Inductive Automation’s Ignition software to give you the flexibility you need to view data remotely on any device—mobile phones, desktops, industrial displays, or tablets. This reliable software platform runs on any major operating system.

With our diverse experience in numerous industrial markets, we can apply best practices in our system integration projects. A sample of these markets includes:

First and Foremost We Listen to You

General Industrial integration is an involved process. Though the benefits are great, you want to partner with a firm that understands what your needs are. At PanelTEK we listen more than we talk. We’ll discover what your wants and wishes are and then get to work making them happen. We’ll think outside the box to solve your puzzles. Not only do we welcome your challenges, we also thrive on them.

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