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Control Panels and Environmental and Emissions Technology

Industrial Automation Control / Environmental & Emissions Control Panels

The world of environmental and emissions technology is constantly evolving. Keeping up with EPA standards and reporting can be a full-time job. As control panel builders, we need to stay abreast of the current rules and regulations that govern our industry.

Our electrical engineers are always learning, expanding their knowledge base, and utilizing their findings with the best practices in control panel design. PanelTEK will partner with you to meet the guidelines and create control panels that monitor and track equipment performance and are operator-friendly for your emissions or environmental applications.

High Volume Industrial Control Panels Delivered Just in Time

We understand that our high-volume customers don’t want to sit with excess inventory. At PanelTEK, we’ve created a solution for our emission control OEMs who have this challenge. Our just-in-time (JIT) process allows us to build multiple panels to a certain level of completion, to be inventoried at PanelTEK. You can simply communicate the final configuration you need, and schedule release dates to receive for your control panels on time to streamline the process. This process in place is a win-win for both our companies. You get your electrical control panels when you need them, with shortened lead-times; and we get to be your trusted electrical panel manufacturer and help engineer your success.

Need Help Navigating the world of Environmental and Emissions Regulations?

Out team works closely with yours to understand your functional and operational requirements, and provide systems to accomplish your project goals. Our prototype engineers can help you determine the solution for your plant’s unique needs, and integrate complex challenges into industrial control panels with simple user interfaces. Our understanding of new technology and innovative components can assist in upgrading your existing process control panels. Contact PanelTEK today, we can help you make a difference.