UL508A Control Panel Enclosure manufactured by PanelTEK.

Clean Control Panels in Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry  

As you can imagine, building industrial control panels for the bio-pharmaceutical industry involves meticulous attention to detail and awareness of FDS regulations. The rigid demands of this industry are in a class of their own. At PanelTEK, our engineers understand the exact specifications necessary to deliver a high-quality UL508A control panel.

Compliance is King for Pharmaceutical OEMs

We understand and comply with the many different industry standards and codes including UL, Haz Loc, CE, CSA, and NFPA. Other rigid demands include:

  • Critical component ratings
  • Hazardous location requirements
  • Separate cleanroom control operation
  • Electrical design for remote access and HMI software
  • NEMA rated stainless steel enclosure requirement
  • Type Z purge and pressurization systems

Importance of UL508A Control Panel Enclosure

The proper NEMA rated panel enclosure serves several purposes. The durability of 304 or 316 stainless steel enclosures meet OEM requirements for hazardous location applications, can withstand multiple cleanings without corroding, and they also play a role in the air quality, as they are mold and mildew resistant.

Do You Need a Bio-Pharmaceutical Control Panel Builder?

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