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PanelTEK Can Handle All Your Prototype Engineering

Engineering services / Industrial control trainers & prototypes

Prototypes are effective and necessary tools when OEMs are developing a new machine design, or manufacturers are making changes to an existing process layout or integrating new equipment. As a leading electrical control panel manufacturer, we are equipped to handle your one-of-a-kind prototype assemblies. Our team of prototype engineers has decades of diverse industry experience to provide an additional engineering cross-check during the design, assembly, development of PLC/ HMI programming, and troubleshooting for your prototype design software.

How Can We Help You with Your Prototype Panels?

Our dedicated team of tenured assemblers is experienced in building one-off assemblies, keeping production costs low, and fostering collaborative feedback throughout the development and building process. We can manufacture complete turnkey solutions, or we can team with you to build sub-assemblies achieving your specific design and performance objectives.

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iAutomation Delivers Prototype Builds for Your Process Control System

Our climate-controlled, flexible layout production space allows us to produce small-scale panels to large enclosures, and low or high-volume production. With our 30,000 square foot facility, and two (2) 4-ton overhead cranes, loading dock, and multiple voltage test stations, we can efficiently facilitate the development, assembly, testing, and documentation for all your prototype panels.

  • Rapid development and Design
  • Design for automation
  • Design and procure optimal components
  • Plan, modify, test, and implement scaled production

iAutomation Delivers Customized Panels for School and Operator Training

Formal, in-depth operator training is critical to your success in maintaining efficient operations and achieving maximum output from your people, equipment, and processes. New and ever-changing technology and equipment upgrades require operators and employees to continually hone their knowledge and skills. Hands-on industrial control panel training requires a sizable investment when you consider the hours and wages of your most experienced personnel to do the training. Shutting down, lost production output—while training—and possible damage to equipment further increase costs.

iAutomation has worked with several technical colleges and manufacturers to develop general and application-specific training units and stands. Schools utilize these custom configured units to effectively train students, in the classroom—or remotely—on wiring, programming, troubleshooting, and executing production software. Students gain practical knowledge, as they seek employment opportunities, offering employers the skilled resources they need.

To address specific training needs in manufacturing, iAutomation can design and build industrial control trainer units that replicate your machine, equipment, or process operation. This enables training for multiple operators at one time, without having to shut down any production.

From Prototype Panels to Full Production

iAutomation engineers are prepared to work with you throughout your prototype and product lifecycle. We offer a complete range of engineering services from conceptual design, prototype build and testing, and continuing through full production and final commissioning if needed. From designing, building, and programming industrial control solutions, iAutomation can support your needs and will meet your expectations.

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