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You need HMI programming you can depend on to operate your industrial control system easily and efficiently. Now, more than ever, you need a dependable and flexible framework that serves as the central hub for your business.

Understanding Drives (VFD, Servo, Softstarter) is critical in programming any software designed to make your automation or industrial process operate smoothly, or your OEM equipment operate efficiently. We have decades of experience in configuring and programming with:

Our experience with these and other drives provides our team with a diverse perspective to develop optimal efficiency in your HMI programming and operations.

Communication Network Architecture is the bloodline for making sure your control system performs smoothly, without interruption. Communication links between all components—drives, sensors, motors, flowmeters, and conveyors—can vary from application to application, or even within a single system. PanelTEK is familiar with and understands the benefits and limitations in, using Ethernet I/P, DeviceNet, Control Net, Serial (RS232, RS485), Profibus, ModBus, etc., to be able to maximize your throughput.

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Industry Experience – to Understand Your Needs

Over the past 20 years, PanelTEK has executed successful software development projects for system integrations, migrations, and upgrades for a variety of customers in diverse industries, including:

With the wide diversity of industries and customers PanelTEK serves, we are constantly expanding and applying our knowledge base with new programming design and implementation.

Creating the right program for your specific needs and application is essential to efficient, long-running operation, saving you time and money. From simple reconfiguration of standard control platforms to custom integrations and data acquisitions, PanelTEK engineers will work with you to develop the PLC/HMI programming and software you need.

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