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Conveyor systems integrated with automated control technologies allow manufacturers to increase production performance and efficiency. Optimized conveyor controls are the key to implementing improvements, adapting to changing requirements and quickly addressing issues that arise.

PanelTEK designs, builds and installs custom conveyor controls for manufacturers in a broad range of industries. We can also upgrade your existing operator system to semi or full automation controls. Our engineers integrate OEM equipment with material handling systems, electrical control panels and automation software.

We use AutoCAD Electrical for drawings and schematics and are a System Integrator Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetworkTM Program, and a Siemens Synergy Builders Partner, and have worked with a number of other formats including Schneider Electric and GE. PanelTEK is also a self-certified UL panel shop and we do 100% testing of panels in-house. Contact us today to request a quote for your conveyor controls project:

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PanelTEK’s Conveyor Control Capabilities

PanelTEK can design and build conveyor line controls to manage inspecting, sorting, tracking, diverging, combining, rejecting, counting and collating for many different application types. Capabilities include:

Our engineers have a broad understanding of manufacturing equipment, processes and automation integration. This experience allows us to offer cost-saving options and dependable solutions to our clients in diverse industries such as food and beverage, OEM manufacturing, converting and many others.

Benefits of an Automated Conveyor System

control system for conveyor belt

Very large inline panel for conveyor line controls used in manufacturing disinfecting wipes.

Automated conveyor systems with programmable logic controls (PLC) offer several benefits including:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced errors
  • Reduced downtime
  • Better use of storage space
  • Eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Variable production rates
  • Sustainable production efficiency
  • Access to real-time conveyor information

Automated conveyor controls can also improve worker safety by reducing manual lifting, material handling, and forklift traffic in the facility.

Why PanelTEK?

Our Engineers Improve Processes
Our knowledge of material handling equipment & automation integration lets us find ways to improve production and save you money. PanelTEK engineers conduct on-site visits to better understand the mechanical process, human interaction, and environment. In this case study, PanelTEK engineers helped a manufacturer improve quality, consistency, volume output and ease of operation by upgrading system controls and PLC programming.

We’re Flexible
PanelTEK can create the design and layout of your conveyor control panels, or we can build to spec based on your drawings. We can manufacture complete turnkey solutions, or team with you to build sub-assemblies achieving your specific design and performance objectives. We can provide detailed project management or be a resource for your overflow work.

We’re Easy to Work With
Our project management teams are proactive and responsive. We offer support via remote access, email, and phone to communicate in the way it works best for you. If you need troubleshooting, we’ll come to you with onsite electrical engineering to find solutions including inspecting your electrical design, software, your process, and HMI. We have an open-door policy for customer visits and inspections, and our engineering staff welcomes your questions and input.

At the end of the day, “Experience is the PanelTEK difference.”

Does Your Line Need Controls Help?

Whether you need to improve efficiencies on an existing line or build a custom automated conveyor system we can help. PanelTEK delivers quality conveyor line controls with engineering, programming, documentation and application support you can rely on.

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