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Wisconsin Control System Integrators with Broad Application Experience

When it comes to industrial control system applications, our diverse industry experience places us a step above our competitors. You’re looking for enhanced efficiencies and production through process and programming improvements, component and technology upgrades, and cost savings strategies. At PanelTEK, we’ve encountered similar application processes across different industries—which gives us an invaluable reference to find innovative solutions for your system performance requirements.

Custom Controls Integrations

PanelTEK is a turnkey systems integrator with vast experience designing, building and installing electrical control panels for commercial and industrial sectors. Every industrial control panel is designed based on the specific demands of the industry we’re serving. Additional products include controls, operator stations, cable assemblies, programmable logic controllers (PLC), interfaces, conveying equipment and treatment equipment. From design and layout drawings to schematics in AutoCAD Electrical, PLC/HMI programming, VF drive integration, HMI and servo application software, we’ll listen to your needs and wants, and apply industry best practices to ensure your installation/start-up is flawless.

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WI control system integrators capabilities include industrial control panel design and HMI programming

Cross-Industry Experience in Maximizing Efficiency

We believe integration is key to a successful process control system. As a systems integrator, we recognize how subsystems need to function together.

Examples of our industry experience illustrating this importance include:

  • Food industry monitor devicesOne of our clients, a cheese processing plant, runs on an automated system that builds in safety and efficiency features. If there is an issue at one end of the assembly line, the system automatically slows conveyance and/or diverts product flow so the operator can address the issue without completely shutting down production. Strategically located e-stops allow for immediate shut-down if necessary. Meticulous HMI and PLC programming is the foundation for fulfilling your process automation needs.
  • Industrial manufacturing is becoming more automated – Upgrading existing equipment and integrating new equipment and/or robotics is a growing trend to achieve greater efficiency and keep operating costs low. Short-run production can be profitable with the right control design, integration and programming.
  • Critical food processing recipes – A variance of just a couple degrees, a few seconds of contact time, or a fraction of an ounce can be the difference between a quality product and wasted time and money. Sensing, measuring, monitoring, and tracking critical data, and properly programming the process to adjust to what it needs to do, keeps high quality production on track while minimizing downtime.
  • Bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing As part of this process, we comply with many different industry standards and codes, including UL, CE, Haz Loc, and NFPA.

Learn more about our capabilities in conveyor line control panel applications across different industries.

PanelTEK is your Trusted Control System Integrator in Wisconsin

Whether you need us to build to your integration software requirements, or develop the software from the ground up, contact us to let us know how we can help. We know the value you place on your industrial control system. We’ll find the optimal application solutions to ensure your industrial control system delivers. PanelTEK is headquartered in Fond du Lac, providing control system integration for companies throughout Wisconsin and nationwide.

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