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Complete Electrical Control Panels Solution

Expanding Operations with New Machine & Control Panels

Facing consumer and commercial operator demand for more efficient clothes dryers motivated a leading appliance manufacturer to redesign its product line. Thanks to some creative engineering solutions including new electrical control panels manufactured by iAutomation, the manufacturer now offers varied drum sizes tailored to usage.

Their existing production machines used hydraulic power and formed a limited number of drum sizes. Expanding the capability of their existing equipment to produce a greater variety of drum sizes was going to require relocating the machinery, reconfiguring the production lines, and losing production time during changeovers.

Working with a local tool builder, iAutomation was integral in designing a new drum-forming machine and creating new electrical controls—using servo motors—for its operation.

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The iAutomation Solution

Design, Build & Program Electrical Control Panels

  • iAutomation conducted on-site visits to better understand the mechanical process, human interaction, and environment for operation.
  • Utilizing variable frequency drives (VFD) and servo motors provided the adjustability the customer was looking for, in order to produce varied and custom-sized drums.
  • Having the ease and flexibility to switch from one drum size to another allowed them to minimize downtime, increase output, and lower unit costs.
  • iAutomation designed and built the electrical control panels. Our team also developed and tested the PLC and HMI controls.
  • The machine was brought into the iAutomation facility for installation of the controls, final wiring, and factory acceptance testing (FAT).
  • Our engineers provided onsite start-up, programming, and operation training at the customer’s factory in Thailand.
  • Through remote connection, we were able to provide follow-up programming support and changes as needed.


Being able to offer a countless variety of drum sizes, with greater quality controls, while improving lead-times, provided our customer the advantage they needed to expand into new markets with their product lines, increasing sales and market share.

Does your process control system need reconfiguring?

If your internal electrical resources are stretched thin, you need a reliable outsource partner with proven experience. iAutomation has earned a reputation for successful, creative engineering solutions in many industries. Located in Fond du Lac, we have customers throughout Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan (though we’re certainly not limited to this area).

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