Outsourced industrial control panels to PanelTEK.

Industrial Control Panel Outsourcing

On-Time/On Budget

Outsourcing your industrial control panel building requires great attention to detail. Who supplies what? You need to consider logistics for getting parts and enclosures where they need to be. A time frame needs to be set and must be met. You need to communicate with engineers for drawings, schematics, layout, and ECNs. Finally, you need to address special customer protocols for wiring, labels, terminal blocks, and markers.

Throw in a level of urgency—brought about by unforeseen global events—and you have even more potential challenges. Our OEM customer needed to modify the design and customize the build of their converting machine. This enabled them to meet the critical specific requirements for their end-user customer’s product.

The typical timeframe for building this type of industrial control panel equipment is 16-18 weeks. A normal time frame for building panels for a project of this magnitude is 6-8 weeks. However, this needed to be done in 3-4 weeks…with a “drop-dead” due date. This meant we needed to get it into our schedule within 4-5 days!

The PanelTEK Solution

How PanelTEK Accomplished a Seemingly Impossible Project

  • Our OEM customer needed to modify and customize the design and build of their converting machine in order to provide their customer with multiple machines to produce the finished product their customer requires.
  • All major components would be supplied by the OEM customer to PanelTEK, but PanelTEK needed to order customer-specified smaller components, hardware, labels, markers, terminal blocks. Add to this, that the design of the panel was still in process.
  • Design review and collaboration between OEM customer and PanelTEK engineers was critical to assure proper component sizing, selection, and function.
  • PanelTEK immediately adjusted our production schedule to respectfully accommodate our current work in progress.
  • Overtime hours would be needed, and PanelTEK assemblers were more than willing to support this effort. But, to minimize these overtime costs to our customer, PanelTEK utilized staggered shifts. This strategy helped to assure a smooth transition of work throughout the workday, leading to greater efficiency and output, without requiring excessive overtime burden on our assemblers, and favorably impacted the quoted pricing to our customer.
  • Communication flow to keep everyone informed, without over-burdening.


With all the challenges that came from “designing-on-the-fly” engineering changes, supply chain issues, and working with a new customer, the project was delivered on time and on budget! Actually, that’s not quite right. We completed their industrial control panels one whole day early!