Allen Bradley PLC programming service

Allen-Bradley PLC Programming Service

Flexible Allen-Bradley PLC Programming Helps Companies Thrive in Industry 4.0

Process and automation controls are changing and improving at exponential rates. Staying ahead of technology changes is difficult. However, planning for these advancements is critical.

A client of ours, a leading consumer appliance manufacturer, wanted to adapt their manufacturing processes to meet ever-evolving consumer tastes and preferences. They needed flexible, easy-to-operate programming to efficiently produce “small-run” components for their equipment. They turned to PanelTEK’s expert engineering field team for guidance.

Proven PLC Engineering Solutions

PanelTEK has decades of experience in Allen-Bradley PLC programming (and many other PLC and HMI programming platforms). Our team’s in-depth, diverse experience is invaluable when it comes to writing the highest-quality PLC programs for optimal efficiency across a wide range of industries and applications.

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The PanelTEK Solution

Using Allen-Bradley PLC Programming to Meet Present & Future Objectives

  • PanelTEK conducted on-site visits to better understand the mechanical process, human interaction, and environment for operation.
  • After meeting with all key decision-makers, PanelTEK proposed solutions to meet the goals of our client. A timeline was proposed and agreed upon and our team got to work.
  • Utilizing Allen-Bradley PLC programming provided the adjustability the customer was looking for to produce varied and custom-sized components.
  • The diversity and depth of the Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLC line allows the customer to easily upgrade, changeover, or enhance their programming as needed. Not only were we able to meet current demands, but also built-in flexibility to meet evolving future needs.
  • Considering a long-term view resulted in a more cost-effective solution.
  • PanelTEK developed, designed, and built the PLC and HMI controls, with these future requirements in mind. Experience and understanding Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLC capabilities and programming allowed PanelTEK to customize their solution. They optimized design and layout for the customer’s current needs, and provided a future course and direction for their anticipated growth development.


Our solution was to make adjustments rather than wholesale changes. This enabled the manufacturer to economically and efficiently expand their product offerings, with consistent quality controls. Tweaking the process also allowed our client to improve lead times, and increase production to meet growing sales demand. The end results provided all the features our customer initially sought and then some.

Save Time & Money with PLC Programming for your Specific Application

Put our Allen-Bradley PLC programming expertise to work for you. We’ll listen to your objectives and develop a custom, cost-effective solution. We also offer remote services, onsite start-up and operation training.

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